About Heaven

[Last update: 17/2/2020]

Knowledge from the Creator:

- Millennial Kingdom: probation for heavenly citizens.

- In heaven, those who have done worst in the school of life on earth will not be able to fly at all, forever, and those who have gone furthest in the school will be able to fly faster, farther, higher. The more that one has achieved spiritually in life on earth, the less limited one is in flying. How much one has then achieved can then be seen in the beauty of his children. The more you have done for God, the more beautiful you become.

- Life is a school, a test on earth.

- In the Millennial Kingdom the appearance is infinitely more beautiful and everything is much better there.

- The Garden of Eden was indescribably beautiful. One could not get enough of it.

- The present heaven is even more beautiful than the Garden of Eden.

- Faster than the blink of an eye you are already in heaven when you leave this earth.

- The people who have not done much for God look beautiful, but they are not nearly as beautiful as the people who have done something.

- The animals that you had as pets are all at home in heaven, because animals are innocent and they can speak there.

- The Millennial Kingdom is worlds more beautiful than the present heaven. And the final heaven after that will be much more beautiful. The Millennial Kingdom and the final heaven are one and the same place. The Millennial Kingdom is the improved and expanded and much, much bigger form of the present heaven, and the final heaven after the Millennial Kingdom is again much, much bigger.

- The higher you fly, the more beautiful it becomes.

- The people who have done so little on earth will automatically become harder to follow Yahushua in the Millennial Kingdom.

- The more you have achieved, the brighter you shine out of yourself. You really shine. Much, much (...) brighter than a star.

- Toward the end, there will be more and more people who will have near-death experiences, dreams, and visions of the third heaven. From year to year there will be more and more such people (starting around 2010) and there are more and more movies about these experiences with God and heaven. So that we may repent, these films will become more and more. Everyone is shown the sky differently, but for all those who have really seen parts of the third heaven, it is simply breathtaking. But God has never shown heaven as it really looks to a single person who has not already lived in heaven forever and ever. Otherwise people down here on earth would all fall into severe depression, it would lead to suicide, out of despair about how beautiful it is up there and how heavy and stressful down here and that you just don't feel good in your skin anymore. Only God himself had got through this and He always wanted to go up, but He did not let it show, because He was God (then on earth as Saviour). God shows this to the dreamer and the visionaries out of pure goodness and grace, without most people deserving it. He wants us to be there for Him because He needs and uses us so much, but they experience these wonderful moments, but afterwards: what do they do for God? They think they have done everything right, because they were allowed to see all this and can just go on like this, but some of them do not develop further for God, they cannot be formed, they cannot be brought into the desired form in which God wants them to be. Of course there are also few who have seen the impressive and are so thankful for it and then give themselves completely to God, do (completely) his will and these then are received more lovingly by God.

- In the present heaven the earth is infinitely times larger.

- The insects, which are not useful and are certainly not beautiful on this earth, will be beautiful and much bigger in heaven.

- The animals have already been able to speak in the Garden of Eden.

- The universe is not infinite.

- There is the 1st heaven, which is our heaven that we can see from the earth, the blue one; there is the 2nd heaven, which encompasses the whole universe; the 3rd heaven is outside the universe.

- Yahushua was without the spirit of the world here on earth, so he was born different from all other people.

- The more you have achieved, the bigger you will be: 1.77cm will be the biggest person and only Yahushua will be the biggest with 1.78cm. But there is a huge difference between 1.77cm and 1.78cm.

- The people who have not achieved very much will receive blessing showers (when you are cuddled by Papa God) as we know it from this earth, but others who have achieved far more will receive permanent blessings and much stronger.

- There is no time in heaven, in the dimension eternity, but here to explain: The more Ruach ha-Kodesch, the faster time passes, on earth as well as in Heaven, and in Heaven there is so much Ruach ha-Kodesch or Her power that all mankind from Adam to Yahushua comes back - so fast time passes. It is so beautiful there that time passes so quickly. In heaven it is so infinitely beautiful, on earth everything is so long and it is so boring. It can indeed become beautiful, but that is no comparison with heaven.  A life of 80 years in heaven is only a split second.