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 YAHUSHUA Was Born During Sukkot Not On Christmas

Sukkot is a Jewish Holiday that lasts for 7 days. It is also the time many Messianic Jews believe YAHUSHUA was born so we say in reverence and joy HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAHUSHUA OUR MASHIACH! WE WORSHIP, LOVE, ADORE YOU AND WILL SERVE YOU FOR ALL ETERNITY!

Read why YAHUSHUA was not born on Christmas and why most biblical scholars agree that YAHUSHUA's birth, in fact, did not take place in December at all.

When YAHUSHUA was born the shepherds were at watch in their fields (Lk. 2:8) which could not have been in the Winter. In fact it can be shown that YAHUSHUA was born at Sukkot (Boothes/Tabernacles) in 4 B.C.E..

The key to calculating the date of the birth of YAHUSHUA is Luke 1:5 where we learn that Zechariah the father of Yochanan was a priest of the course of Abijah.

The priests became to numerous to all serve at the Temple all the time, so they were divided into 24 courses (1Chron. 24). Each course served for two weeks each year, once in the former rain (first half of the year) and once in the latter rain (second half of the year). There were also three weeks in which all the priests were required to serve, these were the three pilgrimage festivals (Dt. 16:16). 24 times 2 is 48 plus three is 51. 51 weeks is 357 days fitting nicely within the 360 day lunar year.

The course of Abijah is the eighth course (1Chron. 24:10) which serves the tenth week during the former rain portion of the year (this is because during Passover and Shavuot (Pentecost) all fo the priests serve together Dt. 16:16). Zechariah had his vision while serving in the course of Abijah in the tenth week (It will become apparent that he was serving his first course not his second as the timing will show as we progress). Thus Zechariah's vision took place during the 10th week of the year (The religious year beginning at Nisan/Abib around 14 days before Passover). We must add two additional weeks before Yochanon (John) could be conceived, due to the purity laws (Lev. 12:5; 15:19, 25).

So Yochanon was concieved in the 12th week of the year. He was born about 40 weeks later during the 52nd week of the year (12 + 40 = 52) which brings us to Passover. Thus Yochanon was born at Passover, the very time that Elijah was, according to Jewish tradition, supposed to appear.

YAHUSHUA was conceived 6 months (about 25 weeks) after Yochanon's conception. This means YAHUSHUA was conceived around the 37th week around Chanukah. This would mean the light of the world was conceived during the festival of lights.

YAHUSHUA was born 40 weeks later (around week 77 that is week 25 of the following year) this brings us to the time of the fall feasts.

There are several clues that YAHUSHUA was born at Sukkot:

1. Bethleham was "booked solid." This would not have been due census which would have taken place over the period of a year. Every Jew was required to come to Jerusalem for Sukkot (Dt. 16:16) this would have over run Jerusalem as well as Bethleham just five miles away.

2. YAHUSHUA was born in a stable. The Hebrew word for "stable" is "sukkah" (as in Gen. 33:17) so it is likely that YAHUSHUA was born in a Sukkah/booth.

3. If YAHUSHUA was born on the first day of Sukkot then he would have been circumcised on the "eighth great day" a festival following Sukkot. This day was the original "Simchat Torah" (Rejoicing in the Torah) which is now held the following day in Rabbinic Judaism. So YAHUSHUA would have entered the covenant on the day of "rejoicing in the Torah."

4. When the angels appeared to the shepherds they made a statement which closely echos the ancient Sukkot liturgy "...behold, we have come to declare to you glad tidings of great joy." (Lk. 2:10-11)

5. Sukkot is symbolic of God dwelling in a "tabernacle" (body?) with us.

Now in Mt. 2:7-8, Herod kills all the children two and under. The fact that he killed such a wide range indicates that he did not know quite how long ago Messiah had been born. YAHUSHUA's parents fled to Egypt until they heard Herod was dead. They were back in Bethleham in time to perform Miriam's (Mary's) purification and YAHUSHUA's dedication on the 40th day after YAHUSHUA's birth (as required by Torah) (Luke 2:22-38).

By this time Herod had to be dead or they could not have come to the Temple in Jerusalem. Herod had to have died during the 40 days between YAHUSHUA's birth, and his dedication 40 days later. Herod is known to have died in September of 4 B.C.E. So YAHUSHUA had to have born in the fall (this rules out that Zechariah could have been serving during Abijah's second course of the year, since that would place YAHUSHUA's birth in the Spring and not allow for Herod's death during the 40 days after his birth in the fall). This also tells us that the year of YAHUSHUA's birth was 4 B.C.E.

>> HIS birthday according to the nowadays used Gregorian calender: 3rd October 4.B.C. <<

YAHUSHUA has therefore on 15th of Tishri 3758 his birthday according to Jewish calendar.
Note/Update 04/24/2023: Meanwhile, 17.Nisan 3790 is the date that denotes the true Easter, the true Resurrection Day, which means that Yahushua suffered the Passion at the age of 34, so the birth year must be corrected back to 3756. We continue to research what the true dates of the historical events were exactly. YAHUAH will enlighten us about this in due time.

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