Our Credo

I believe in God, our Abba YAHUAH and Adonai,

the creator of heaven and earth.

I believe in YAHUSHUA HA-MASHIACH, His Son, our Lord,

who co-created the whole world and who was since the beginning of time a living

and everlasting word walking beside Papa God;

Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, our Mama ImmaYAH,

And who was born of the Virgin Mirjyam,

Who taught us love against all that has breath and who still lives today;

Who suffered under Pontius Pilate,

Who was crucified, died and was buried,

Then descended into the realm of death,

Who on the third day rose from the dead

and ascended into the sky,

And who now sits at the right hand of God,

of the almighty Abba,

And who will come from there,

to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, our Mama ImmaYAH,

who created all things by the hand of God, and who is the breath of God

of the Abba and that has existed since the beginning of time and is all comprehensive and guiding.

I believe in the one holy congregation of YAHUSHUA,

Community of saints and righteous,

to the care of all creation and the preservation of all life,

which has come forth from the hand of God, the human, the animal

and plant life.

I believe in the forgiveness of sins,

in the resurrection of the dead and

in eternal life.

Amen, in the almighty name of my so beloved brother YAHUSHUA HA-MASHIACH,