The King



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In the year 30, on the third day of Nisan, the month of Passover, when the king stepped out of the boat that had brought him to the place of Netanya, a large crowd was already waiting for him there. Full of joy they received him and tears came to their eyes.

"We have been waiting for you for a long time, Lord", said an old woman who could hardly see. A gray shadow was already on her eyes and soon she would go completely blind and fall into darkness.

"Now I can say goodbye to my remaining eyesight with peace of mind, for I have beheld you and have thus seen all that I desired to see." With loving looks the promised king looked at the woman, put his hand on her head and said: "Daughter, you will keep your eyesight and will not see the darkness. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. And none of my sheep will wander in darkness as long as I am in them and they in me." As soon as he let her go, the woman could see again. She wept and praised the Lord God and thanked his King.

The crowd was thrilled by this miracle and everyone reached out to touch even a tiny speck of the King's robe. He smiled gently at everyone and saw their lost and thirsty hearts. They thirsted for truth and knowledge, for the word of God. He had compassion on them. Like lost sheep, orphaned children, despondent souls, people gathered around him, each desiring to be blessed by this wise, exceedingly kind King sent by God. "You must be hungry and tired, Master," said a man named Yochanan, "come to my house and eat with my family and me, it would be a great honor for us." The king agreed and entered the house of Yochanan and his family. "Shalom", he spoke as he entered, "peace be upon you." Yochanan's wife and two young children greeted the king and immediately the little ones ran up to him. Lovingly he embraced and kissed them and blessed them. Together they lay at table and before the food was served, the king asked for a large bowl and a pitcher of water. Yochanan wondered, but brought the king everything he asked for. Then the king took off his cloth and stood up. Everyone was watching him. People from the village looked in through the windows and the door. The king now knelt down in front of Yochanan, gently took his feet and placed them in the empty bowl. Then he took the water jug and poured water over them. Finally, the king took his cloth and dried Yochanan's feet with it. He smiled at him. Yochanan was speechless. "Why did you do that, Lord? I should have washed your feet, you are my guest!" The king smiled. "I came into the world to serve, not to be served. The master is not greater than his servant. Serve one another, love one another. By this they will know that you belong to me." The king smiled and then went to Yochanan's wife and children to wash their feet as well. All the people outside, curious as to what the king had to say, peered into Yochanan's house, watching him in confusion and looking at each other in perplexity. The king realized that the people needed more explanation and, when he had finished washing their feet, he said, "Truly, truly, I say unto you, that which I have just done you may not yet understand. But when I am gone and the Helper, the feminine Holy Spirit, the Mama ImmaYAH, comes to you, she will explain everything to you and then you will understand. My children, I tell you, whoever belongs to me will be called a child of God and will humbly serve others as a sign of his union with me." Thus spoke the king and lay down at the table. Now more people crowded in and soon the house was full. They realized that he wanted to tell something, so they all came to listen to their king.





"Love is the fulfillment of everything,

The fulfillment of the law.

It is the essence of God, it purifies

And heals sinful souls, broken

Hearts. Love sees no sins

Or mistakes, it keeps no record of them, it never accuses, it never


Love excludes nothing and no one

excludes, it preserves the life of

people, animals, nature and

Does not end life.

Men like to claim,

That they are the stronger sex

although women usually

carry much more love in themselves.

Love is God. Women are

Because of this love, which is strength,

The stronger. Their hearts are

Strong, because their love can do anything.

Love is not just a word,

Rather, it is action. Should

Be. If only love were the last deed

That shakes the world."







"Many think they know truth.

But they do not know the truth,

but their own opinions.

Truth is shy, truth

Is unpopular. She is an outcast,

She is made a leper;

Mocked, spat upon, beaten, chased away.

But when she gets the chance to speak, her words are sharp and they

Lie heavy on the heart; but

They drive the man on right

Paths, who accepts them. He who rejects

it, feels it as ugly;

He who accepts it has never seen anything

more beautiful. Their words speak

Redemption their deeds bring victory."









"The world always loves to take,

Giving is not in it, it cannot,

For fear of losing something

to slip into poverty. True giving, however, does not bring poverty, it brings wealth. A wealth that the world does not know and does not understand. Many things can be given, not always they are material. Love, kindness, mercy, comfort - all these and much more bring you the wealth that fills your heart completely and fills your life with value. This is a treasure which you gather invisibly on earth and will see in the heavenly glory. This treasure, whose granary is your heart, is the only thing you can take with you when you leave this earth. Gather much and gather wisely."








"Something that must first be killed so that it can be eaten is not fit to eat. It is not food. Love does not kill, never. Mercy does not kill, true enjoyment of food does not kill. Love knows no egoism, no hedonism. Love is committed to life, it does not end it. Love is intoxicated by itself, it does not need alcohol, no means to dull pain. It bears all pain and heals it with love. To get drunk on alcohol, to get drunk on pleasure is of the world, to let the voice of God become quieter and quieter for man. So that his paths lead into the abyss, away from the path of righteousness and holiness on which he was traveling; Straight into the depths of hell leads the way of drunkenness and intemperance."








"I tell you: Not only man is man's brother or sister; not only man has an immortal soul which ascends to God in death. Also the animals have a soul, which God has created. Also in heaven there are animals. They can love, distinguish good from evil and right from wrong. They feel pain, love their brothers and sisters, their parents. They lead a normal life like humans. They also fall in love, create a family, take care of their children, protect them with their lives. They too flee from danger, they too are afraid and worried. They too only want to live in peace like man. Man fell into sin, the animals remained innocent and sinless. In the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, man and animal lived in love in harmony without harming each other. So it will be again."







"Do nothing that you hate to do. Do not do anything that a human being imposes on you, but which is against God. Do not be slaves of the work, do not give yourselves with heart blood to an activity, which sticks to the earth, but brings no fruit for the kingdom of God. Give yourselves to a work which serves God and bears fruit eternally and does not only bring you bread on the table for a limited time. Do not strive again and again for fruits of your earthly work, which is spoiled the next day. The heavenly fruits you collect once and they remain eternally fresh and fruitful. Ask God to provide you with the important things of life, so that He will take care of you and you can devote yourself completely to the service of God. Do what you love to do."








"In the beginning, God created His image in the form of man and woman. They were to populate the earth with other human beings. They should be there for each other, be faithful to each other, be equal to each other. Neither is above the other, although the man, like a roof on the house, should ward off evil from the family in order to be able to live safely in the house, the wife and children. When God formed the woman from Adam's rib, it was not so that the man could rule over the woman, oppress her or enslave her. From the rib the woman stepped, so that she went as a companion for the man side by side and equality through the life. That the woman be a support for her husband, that they be pillars for each other in the storm of life and be strong together as a foundation of a house for their family for God and serve Him.“






"You should become like children, otherwise you will not be able to see the Kingdom of God. If you do not go through life as innocent and free as children, and your faith does not become childlike, you will have a hard time entering it. A child's trust in his father or mother is deep and unshakable. A child trusts without ulterior motives and conditions that the father will protect him and arrange all things for him. The child does not doubt it, not even for a second. So you too shall become again as you once were. You, too, were once an innocent child who trusted boundlessly that his parents would take care of him and never abandon him. That is how God wants you to be, that is how you should believe in Him."








"What is the meaning of suffering? Truly I say to you, there will be no life without suffering. Through sin, evil entered the world, evil entered the hearts of men. That is how suffering came into being. Suffering gives rise to pain. Pain burns like fire. Fire purifies, like water. But fire purifies differently. When suffering hits you, this all Evil will burn you out of your heart. The more and deeper the fire burns, the greater its effect in your life. He who has everything on earth that his heart desires, does not get to know the true life and for this person it is difficult to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For his soul has not passed through the purifying fire to be allowed to enter the kingdom pure. It needs the fire first. Rejoice when the fire meets you on earth than only in the other world, where it burns even more agonizingly than the fire on earth ever could."






"Do not worry about what you should wear, how you should dress up; all this is of no value. But if you are concerned about it, be careful to dress modestly, both men and women, and to cover your nakedness appropriately, so that you do not expose in another person the desires that lead to sin. Treat your body as something holy, in which God Himself has His dwelling place and wants to be covered, protected from the eyes of the wicked. Do not do anything unholy to your body; no painting, no holes, no ornaments piercing the skin. The temple of God is unpainted And dense, without hole, without blemish. You shall be holy, as your Heavenly Abba is holy."








"You all know that God created man and woman in His image to bring children into the world. But there are also men who love men and women who love women and some other forms. Many other genders also came into being from the hands of men. All this, however, originated from the hand of him who brought sin into the world and wants to be like God. He cannot create anything of his own, because he is not God, he can only take what is there and change it, deform it, put it back again and let the world think that it comes from the hand of God. If a man is not sure of his gender or if he finds people of his own gender attractive, it means that this man is misused by the work of Satan to mock God. This unsuspecting person is misused by the enemy to stand against God willy-nilly. Truly, I say to you: This man is not false or ugly or confused. He is abused. Just as each of you is abused by sin, who knowingly or unknowingly rebels against God and commits a sin. However harmless it may be, only God can free man from the hands of Satan. Man alone is not able to change these errors. Look at each other with love and goodwill and know that everyone who sins is at the mercy of Satan and believes his lies. Whoever begs God for help will be saved from his clutches. If not, God uses Satan's lies for His greater glory And makes something good out of it. Evil will not triumph. Pray for one another and bless one another - so hearts are changed more and more. They turn away from sin and from Satan."








"In the beginning, the world was in the hand of God. In the Garden of Eden, God placed the power over the world in Adam's hand. Through the Fall, Satan was given power over the world. Since then, evil has reigned in every corner of the earth, plunging people into misfortune. When misfortune befalls man, they immediately curse God, instead of thinking of the adversary who is responsible for this evil. Godlessness also leads to misfortune, when man does not accept God's help and guidance in his life. Cursing God then usually does not lead to less evils. Turn away from the world and its ungodly doings. Do not listen to its enticements, its empty speeches and promises of happiness."








"Soon one will appear, the evil enemy, who will seduce people in the end times by calling himself Jesus Christ and performing great miracles. But he is the evil and leads you behind the light! The name Jesus Christ has no effect anymore and will not be used for anything good. Take the true holy name of the Savior, so that you do not call on evil and let it into your house. Recognize the signs and respond wisely. Use the only saving name of the Son of God, who carries the name of God the Father, who is YAHUAH. Pray to the only one whose name means "YAH saves"; pray to YAHUSHUA HA-MASHIACH!"









"If the Son of God sets you free, then you are truly free. Sin no longer has power over you. External circumstances may continue to give you the feeling of slavery, but as long as you have not been freed by the Son of God in your heart, you will remain slaves forever, whether you are outwardly free or enslaved. No external circumstance can truly free you and give you the feeling of freedom as long as chains surround your heart, as long as your heart has not been redeemed by the Son of God.“







"Religions are dead buildings in which dead actions are held to a God whom the dead heart does not love. Only a deep, intimate and loving relationship with God is needed, not rites and customs. The Law of Moshe is also fulfilled after the redemptive work of the Son of God and is no longer applicable in this form, since the Law is perfectly applied and fulfilled through faith in the Only Son of God, completely without rites. He who has the Son has fulfilled the whole Law. In Him everything flows, in Him everything is fulfilled. He who has the Son has everything. There is nothing to add to this. He is enough. Only the one who has the Son belongs to the family of God and will be called a child of God and will go to Abba in heaven. Without Him, none of this is possible."






When the king taught the people standing around him these words about all the things they desired to know, they were greatly amazed by these wise words of their king. They looked at him with wonder and awe and were touched in their hearts by all the love their king put into everything he said. The king rose from the table and his hosts did likewise. "You are leaving already, Lord?", asked Yochanan the king. The latter nodded. "Yes, I must go on and also preach to other cities about the love of God and tell about the things I have already told you." Yochanan, his wife and the little ones said goodbye to their king and when he stepped out of Yochanan's house, all the people who had already been listening to the king's teachings all the time at the window surrounded him. They touched him on his robe and immediately felt healing from their infirmities. The king stopped and smiled at the people and blessed them. Like lonely and orphaned children, people of all ages gathered around the king, desiring attention and blessings and love and healing. They accompanied him to his boat, which had already brought him to this place, and would not let him go. "I will always be with you," the king said. "I will never leave you. Until the end of the world. Abide in me, and I will abide in you. In this way we will remain eternally united." With these words, the king got into the boat and sailed away on the sea. The people waved after him until he was no longer to be seen on the sea.

The End