About Us

Bet HalleluYAH | House Praise YAH is a vegan messianic congregation that sees its roots in Judaism but believes in YAHUSHUA HA-MASHIACH, the Son of God.

They do not see themselves as belonging to any religion, as their faith in the Messiah is alive through a deep and intimate relationship and does not remain dead through dry rituals and customs of any religion.

The congregation lives vegan/frutarian throughout, which means that they revive the original idea of God, how man should be, because in the Garden of Eden, before the Fall, it was unthinkable to kill and eat the dead body (flesh). Neither the meat of animals, nor their products such as cheese, egg and milk, nor animal skin such as wool, fur and leather are used by the members of the congregation. Likewise, care is taken to ensure that no products are purchased that have been tested on animals or have animal content.

At the beginning of 2017 we were still known under the name "Garden of Eden Veggie Church", but now, through God's input, we changed to a more Jewish or Messianic church, in order to honor Him more through a name in which HE is in, namely YAH (in this sense all three: God YAHuah, Son YAHushua and the Holy Spirit, our Mama ImmaYAH).

We practice prophecy and baptism with immersion.



We live a life out of full love, we do not exclude a single creature of God from our love, and we only live out our mercy towards people - as most Christians do - but also towards animals (we let animals live in order not to take out our egoistic hedonism by murder on a living and innocent being to receive meat); we live vegan and/or frutarian) and nature (we do not unload our garbage in nature, we do not tear on leaves from bushes or trees etc out of boredom).

At this point we would like to quote the French poet and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Romain Rolland (1866-1944): "In my opinion, cruelty against animals and even apathy towards their suffering is one of the most serious sins of the human race. It is the basis of human depravity. If man creates so much suffering, what right does he have to complain if he himself suffers?"


According to Yahushua's teachings and according to Yahushua's nature - who was full of compassion and love towards ALL God's creatures and who himself lived veggie according to realistic and traditional and true text sources - a Christian or follower of Yahushua is one who saves and preserves life and not one who thinks and acts egoistically for his cravings for pleasure and even accepts the torture, abuse and death of another living and innocent being as well as being filled with the breath of God and does not care about it any further. Some "Christians" even laugh at and amuse themselves with the suffering of animals. In our eyes simply unbelievable!


In addition, we believe that we must renounce the earthliness and pray for earthly concerns before the mercy seat of God and not try to change things here on earth out of our own efforts. In the end, God will destroy the old heaven and earth, and the heavenly city - the New Jerusalem - will come down from heaven (see the book of Revelation in the Bible). But we do not lay our hands idly in our laps and accept what is happening on earth, but we come to God and ask. Many evil things on earth have already been averted or mitigated in this way. Of course we should also actively change things ourselves if this is possible. But only from the point of view that we do it for God and for creation, but not from the mere idea of preserving the earth, because we Christians know - as we have already described above - that this world will not last forever and that we should not hang ourselves on worldly things. Our thinking must be detached from the earth and prepared for what comes from heaven. Only the true saints and righteous of God understand this and will follow our mission (all others who call themselves "Christians" will continue to mock us and will not be able to understand the true life and mission of Yahushua); they will all turn their backs on the concerns of the earth (i.a. policy) and come to God and give it into His hands and will not fight themselves by their own power against something that is not in their power and destiny and is transient, since God will soon destroy it anyway (environmental protection and animal welfare, as I said, except if this is not for the conservation of the earth, but to free living beings from bondage, torture and death and thus is giving life to Yahushua's mission of love and compassion). Only living vegan or frutarian without this fundamental sense behind it (letting go of the earthly and compulsive attachment to it) is not desired and welcome in our community, or rather it is a recognizable sign for a true "saint" (word for the righteous of God) that he, in addition to the vegan/frutarian way of life, has also really renounced the earthly as far as possible (also in the sense of dependence on earthly things, that one thus attains more inner peace) and has completely surrendered to the will of God and does not get upset about politics and other world events or about other people (etc), but rests in the will of God.



This is also the case with our own flesh, our body - that useless and exaggerated attention and care and cleanliness is the expression of the fact that we have not yet sufficiently renounced this earth. If we would take care of our soul just as fervently as many people take care of their bodies, their good looks, their outfits, etc., we would all be saints long ago!



Constant showering/bathing/washing, dressing nicely (much and excessive consumption of clothes, make-up, jewellery etc.), styling nicely, smelling well etc. is a clear sign to everyone who thinks too earthly and washes more the body than the soul and deals more with the flesh than with the soul. Likewise, frequent bathing/showering/washing damages the environment/nature we stand for. God wants to put the longing for the heavenly homeland in our hearts, just as He has already put eternity in our hearts, so that we burn for it and move away from our bodies, so that we find it more and more disgusting and alienating to live in them. He wants to give us such strong disgust and such strong rejection of our body that we reject everything on earth in food and in our own body and only want to get out of it, out to HIM. If we love to live in our body, the urge to want Him cannot mature enough and will hardly last. Our body is indeed the temple of the Holy Spirit according to the Bible, but the soul is far more important than the body. Many Believers often forget this.


We invite all the saints (righteous) of God who think and live in this way to our church in this present end time, in order to prepare with us to soon be allowed to move into the heavenly city, the New Jerusalem - well prepared and equipped in body and spirit completely cleansed!