Yahushua Soul Savior Encouragement Book

You are Mine

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YAHUSHUA Soul Savior...
is the Son of God and proclaims his message of salvation from heaven to the whole world. With encouraging and touching and comforting words, he addresses each and every one of us human beings in a completely new and yet cheerful and colorful way.
With short and encouraging words from the Bible, everyone is addressed directly and personally by him.
Through fresh and funny illustrations, the Messiah is portrayed in a light blue one-piece suit, with lightly tanned skin and bright red heart-shaped buttons in such a way that everyone immediately finds him likeable and must like him.
Fresh and new and exhilarating, this book offers everyone the best encouragement full of messages of hope that are important right now in these turbulent times.
For children and adults alike, a beautiful message for in between.

Contact: yahushua-soulsavior@bet-hallelu-yah.de

Photos from the inside of the book: