The Fish that was a Plant

The fish that was a plant



It is already reported on other links on these sites that the translation was incorrect and that the so-called "fish" or "meat" was in fact only called "food" and consisted mostly of dried fruit. But we have also learnt that - if it is a correct translation - it was a fish, but not a living animal, but a plant. The so-called "fish plant". In the Middle East, the fish plant was a vegetarian speciality and once belonged to the culinary specialities of Babylon. Even today, according to reports, small rolls are baked from the flour of the dried water plant (fish plant) in eastern countries (Japan, Islamic countries).  The soft fish plants are dried in the sun, processed into flour and baked in rolls. These rolls were already part of the daily diet in ancient Babylon and were also considered a delicacy during YAHUSHUA's lifetime. The Greeks could not do anything with the word "fish plant" at that time and simply made a fish out of these rolls in their writings, which is why the general assumption arose that YAHUSHUA would have liked to eat animals and would allow us to do so. Until the 4th century there was only bread and fruit as YAHUSHUA's food commandment in the Bible, since the 4th century there are later writings of the Bible in circulation which allow the killing and eating of animal corpses and thus defy the order of God.

The exact appearance of this fish plant and the name under which it is known today cannot be verified. There is one plant that could be this fish plant. It is called "fish mint" or "fish herb" or also "spawning herb", "spawning herb with thick leaves" or "spawning herb with thick leaves" and is also called "chameleon plant" or "Groenlandia densa". It has a strong fish aroma and its leaves are somewhat heart-shaped with small white flowers on them. This aquatic plant is widespread in freshwater in North Africa and Eurasia. The fish herb can also be found in Asia as far as Western Iran. The name "Groenlandia densa" has been accepted by many places, including Jerusalem, which increases the likelihood that this plant has grown and enjoyed being found in the area where YAHUSHUA lived and preached. Whether this plant is the fish plant inYAHUSHUA's teachings is not certain, if this "fish" of any kind should have come about at all due to translation errors.